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We hear a lot about this thing called momentum — I know it’s an important word in the ACN dictionary too, but the mistake of far too many people is believing that anyone other then themselves is responsible for creating their momentum.

Momentum comes in different forms, but its common denominator is energy.  Momentum provides you with energy to keep going long after the average person would have given up.  It’s like swimming with the current rather than being dragged down by a riptide.  The easiest kind of momentum to define is momentum that comes from something exciting, whether it’s a promotion or a bonus.  You probably feel an incredible amount of momentum after an ACN event. How could you not?  I’ve been to your events — and felt that excitement.  But what about the other 353 days of the year?  This type of external momentum is great and it’s important, but it’s temporary.  It’s kids’ stuff — certainly not enough for a success-minded individual.  We can’t be excited all the time, so what happens when the things that created that external momentum are gone?  That’s where your internal momentum comes into play.

When approaching a project, I develop my own chart of how I want my success to flow, and then I build my stamina to keep up with that level.  This is a strategy that has clearly worked for me and is apparent by my success.  That stamina, and knowing what my end goals are, is what creates that internal momentum and keeps me going to the end of a project or business venture.  It isn’t fun all the time and most days there isn’t anyone standing by cheering me on or making sure I feel good about the direction the project is going.  My momentum comes from inside — from my will to win.

Don’t be fooled — it takes constant and consistent hard work to maintain momentum. You are always going to have setbacks, but it’s how you respond to those setbacks that will determine your momentum.  Once you’ve taken a step toward your success, use that step to propel you forward through the rest of your journey.  And don’t forget to turn around and look down along the way — reflecting on our success is also a great way to keep the momentum.

Those of you who think it’s the responsibility of your company or someone else to create your momentum are sadly mistaken, and I would go so far as to say you may not be around here a year from now.  But for those of you who learn to create your own momentum, against all odds and long after the cheerleading section has left the building, well, you have found one of the most important keys to success!

— Donald Trump

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September 18, 2013 by ACN

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If you’re planning on importing a motor vehicle in to the UK, the very first thing you’ll need to do is to look into the most recent regulations (regardless of whether you do this frequently – they may have been altered since the last time you imported a car), as it is vital that the car complies with these requirements.

The motor vehicle will have to be registered for use in Great Britain – and for this to occur the DVLA must be sure that the vehicle is suitable for use on UK roads. In the event that the car was initially registered in the European union, this involves making declarations that your vehicle is suitable to be used in Great Britain and agreeing to carry out any alterations that might be necessary (for example fitting the correct amount of safety belts). This is part and parcel of the Mutual Recognition Scheme, and you’ll be able to verify that your vehicle qualifies under this specific scheme just by speaking to the Vehicle

Certification Agency. If they accept your application, the VCA will present you with documentation that’s going to help support your registration application with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). The DVLA site will give you additional information about how to register your car for UK roads.

Having said that what about changing the registration plates? In the event you’re buying a new private registration or even if you already have a personalised registration and would like to move the registration plate onto your imported motor vehicle, you’ll need to ensure that you keep to the correct procedures (all terms and conditions may be found on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency site).

Private Number Plates may be purchased from a variety of different places – online, at a DVLA auction, in a private purchase or from some sort of dealer. You can obtain any registration you want, provided that it’s available for purchase, but you won’t be able to make a vehicle look newer than it really is. When you’re getting DVLA cherished plates for an imported vehicle, you’re going to need a couple of things to hand: a V750 (the Certificate of Entitlement), an up to date M.O.T. for the vehicle as it is now in the UK, and the log book (entitled the V5 Registration Document).

If you are transferring a personalised registration that you already own, the regulations differ slightly, and you need to complete a V317 form. When the registration plate is being taken from another person’s car, then both registered owners will need to fill in the form and then send it to the appropriate DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) office. A transfer fee of £80 is also necessary for this transaction, in addition to form V62 (‘Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate’). Again, all the specifics may be found on the DVLA web site, but take note that any supporting records and documents will have to be the originals; photocopies will not be accepted.

As a bit of a side note, when importing a car, it’s always worth taking into consideration the practicalities of having it serviced in Great Britain: will there be difficulties when it comes to maintaining it as well as acquiring spares? It is also worth keeping in mind the narrow width of some UK roads should you be thinking about buying a huge vehicle from somewhere such as the US; the number plate might fit, but will the vehicle fit along our peaceful country lanes? Doing some research online before you choose your vehicle – and also your registration number – will help you make your decision.


Getting a private number plate might be a fantastic way to hide the age of your vehicle, give your car a more distinctive appearance, or perhaps just invest your money. If you’re interested in personalised registration plates, you can find a great deal more information on the internet.


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by Matt Kirkman

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Each of you may have a different way to get to your advertising audience. It could be radio, internet, direct mail, television. In one way or another you are reaching out to your audience. It can be measured, calculated, tracked etc.

If it works we continue to repeat the process. We will follow that same course of action and may or may not get the same results. Being a business owner myself I would use flyers, place classified ads, pass out business cards. All that had varying results.

The one method of advertising that has repeatedly paid for itself is “word of mouth” advertising. It was more personal and 9 time out of 10 led to a loyal customers and or customers that were friends or family of the customers. Stay with me on this.

How about “word of mouth” advertising with a bonus ? I am referring to advertising that not only involves word of mouth but does not require that you pay for the advertising until your customer is actually purchasing from you.  By the way, that in itself puts you in a position of sharing it with other businesses and they will love you to  pieces for it.

Now, you are probably asking yourself how can this be possible? How on earth am I am able to see the rewards of advertising before laying out money to pay for it? It is simple and is explained in this short video Merchant Presentation

If you are still on this page, I am to assume that you have viewed the video and that you have gotten a glimpse of the possibilities for your business. This says to me that you are serious about taking your business to the next level. If so, contact me for details to get started today.

Jennifer Waller















Enjoying Music


Once again oil painter Synoj Sivan fascinates us with a simple painting with a modern surprise. I feel like I have stepped into a renaissance era. The delightful romantic dress and the rich fabrics just take me there instantly. You see a lovely young woman that is immersed in her music. It is almost surreal, watching her listen to her music on her tablet.  Your mind can go so many places in this painting. It could almost be viewed as an impossibility. Could a person of that era have fathomed such modern methods of listening to music? It leaves us in a place of reminiscing and being hopeful of our future.  I think many of us truly delight in the connection between old meeting the new. This painting captures the natural beauty of this young woman and allows her to experience the wonder  of modern culture.

1017388_10202001326414072_926584225_n Enjoying Music

For more of Synoj’s amazing paintings I invite you to visit his website

Enjoying Music

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